E Cigarettes are a huge trend now! How do we beat the prices?!

Now that e cigarettes are becoming more and more popular due to strict smoking laws, and consequences of smoking, people are all over our stuff!

It’s becoming harder and harder to find quality e cigarettes at the prices we used to find them at. We’re still saving money when comparing vaping to smoking. Most of us are getting more enjoyment out of vaping than smoking, but still! – We should be able to have our nicotine at reasonable prices.

E Cigarettes are becoming so expensive, we might be spending almost 1/10 we used to on Cigarettes.

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The Difference between Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin In E Cig Juice If you’re interested in learning how to make your own e cig juice, refer back to this site later. We are in the process of making a tutorial on DIY e juice.¬† Video Summary: E Cigarette juice is made up of four main components: Vegetable Glycerin, [...]

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9 Reasons to Switch from Smoking Cigarettes to Vaping E Cigarettes

Smokers love smoking. So, why bother then? As E Cigarettes become more satisfying, smokers suddenly find they can easily replace a $7.00 to $15.00 per day expense with e cigarette technology at a fraction of that cost. Most e cigarette vapers are former smokers, and most have completely eliminated cigarettes (The kind you light with [...]

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FDA Urges Congress to Regulate E Cigarettes – January 16th, 2013!

The FDA wants to limit the availability of e cigarettes, and particularly e cigarette liquid. Vapers and e cigarette enthusiasts everywhere have been quivering at the potential threat the FDA poses on our new found means for smoking cessation. E cigarette forums are rife with theories¬†surmising¬†possible outcomes of Wednesday’s events. Urging people to contact their [...]

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Don’t Let E Cigarette Prices Fool You.

There is no correlation between the price and quality of e cigarette hardware. The Most expensive e cig I’ve ever bought was the worst one I’ve ever vaped. E cigarette technology varies greatly; the price you pay for an e cigarette has nothing to do with the quality of technology. All e cigarettes consist of [...]

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