Designer E Cigarettes

There are plenty of ways to express yourself through e cigarettes. Designer e cigarettes are growing in popularity among all kinds of vapers.

Katherine Heigl  once brought her designer e cigarette onto the Late Show with David Letterman, and they both vaped on stage.


Affordable Designer E Cigarette Batteries:


The eGo k line of batteries are common, quality, and affordable. These particular batteries are 1100 mAh with two voltage settings of 3.2 and 4.0 volts providing ample power and battery life. Designs vary beyond the picture below; Dragonfly e cigs  has a variety of models.


Designer E Cigarette Batteries                                                                                               


  • Charges in 2.5 hours and includes a 420 mAh fast usb charger
  • This is a variable voltage device. With 5 clicks the power changes from off to 3.2 volts. With 5 more, the power changes from 3.2 to 4.0 volts, which is ample power for any vape enthusiast
  • Includes 1 eGo V2 2.1 ohm clearomizer with a 1.6 mL capacity.
  • The eGo K 1100 mAh batteries are currently on sale at DragonFly E Cigs for $24.95 or $28.95 with pass through cable

 SpecPoint Review:                          8.9/10

designer e cigarettes starter kit

If there was a standard for a quality e cigarette, this would set it. The eGo K 1100 mAh designer battery provides ample vaping for more than an entire day. Moreover, many of the eGo e cig batteries require approximately 4 hours of charging time. It’s common for enthusiasts and beginners to use these batteries because they’re compatible with almost every atomizer or cartomizer. They’re threaded twice: once with 510 female threading, and again with eGo male threading. With multiple power settings, these designer e cigarette batteries meet the desires of heavy and light vapers. 4.0 volts is more than enough to produce a good pull and opaque vapor.

The eGo V2 clearomizer is a cutting edge heating element/tank. These clearomizers bolster the taste of e juices without any burning cotton sensation you would otherwise find with regular cartomizers. With a 1.6 mL capacity, this clearomizer can hold enough juice for approximately one day of heavy vaping.

The ego K 1100 mAh battery gets an 8.9/10 because of it’s  affordability and versatility. This product is perfect for beginners and enthusiasts. The price at DragonFly  E Cigs makes this an ideal product for any beginner or enthusiast. $24.95 is a great price for the designer battery, alone. Because DragonFly is selling this designer e cigarette with a cutting edge heating element/tank, this product makes a for a perfect starter kit.



Glass E Cigarette Drip Tips:

Glass E Cigarette Drip Tips








100 different types of these trippy glass e cig drip tips are available for $29.95 at Dragonfly Ecigs.

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