Dry Herb E Cigarettes, G Pens and Vaporizers

UPDATE!!! I’ve finally found a quality e cigarette for dry herbs and cured tobacco!

AGO G5 Vaporizer Starter Kit


The  AGO G5 Vaporizer Starter Kit comes with everything you need to vaporize dry herbs on the go. The kit comes with:

  • 2 cleaning/packing tools
  • 1 battery
  • 1 usb/wall charger
  • ceramic and metal screens
  • 1 high power atomizer
  • 1 ceramic heating chamber
  • 1 rubber mouthpiece
  • 1 user manual

In the past, I’ve been very skeptical of the quality of dry herb e cigarettes. I’m so glad I’ve finally found one that I trust!

… And, it’s only 39.95!!!!

G Pens are a subset of e cigarettes which are a subset of vaporizers.


What is the G Pen?

G Pen has been used in the non vaping community as a loose term for e cigarette. G Pen is a product line within the Grenco Science Brand. Grenco Science makes high quality vaporizers, with the price to match.

Picture of G Pen e cigarette


The G Pen Starter Kit typically can cost between $100 – $200 when bought in functional glass art shops. They can also be found at a mild discount in some tobacco retailers. However, there is a significant advantage to purchasing G Pen e cigarettes online. G Pens can be used with essential oils, or eJuice, though none are included with this starter kit.

G Pens cannot vaporize dry herbs. However, infused wax, butter, tinctures, and oils can be roasted in small amounts on the coil.

Vapor Nation is selling The G Pen Starter Kit currently for $76.49 with free shipping, and a free acrylic herb grinder.


Can you roast dry herbs in an e cigarette?

Yeah… Check out the above video… But it doesn’t work perfectly…. You can make vegetable glycerin tinctures out of your favorite herbs and flavorings. You can make the tinctures as strongly flavored as you want and vape them out of any of these e cigs, and pretty much all others at Dragonfly eCigs. Truthfully, liquids work better in the G Pen, as they do in all other e cigarettes. So, instead of roasting dry herbs and oils, make a really strong flavored tincture with vegetable glycerin.


 How do other e cigarettes compare to the G Pen?

There is no debate that G Pens are quality devices. However, they are essentially the same as many other e cigarettes. G Pen technology is by no means cutting edge; therefore, other quality e cigarette manufacturers make the same or better products. Any e cigarette requires additional parts, in case something breaks. For this reason alone, one should consider looking into other e cigarette brands, and devices. Parts for the G Pen are not as readily available as, and more expensive than other e cigarettes.

E Cigarettes vary widely. They range from $5.00 to $500.00. Some are disposable, some feature firmware that can be updated through an internet connection, and everything in between. For time and space purposes, this review will not detail comparisons on all of the various types of e cigarettes. If you want to learn more, please peruse our site. If you’re interested in shopping for e cigarettes, visit Dragonfly eCigs.

Chrystal Mini eGo Starter E Cigarette


The Crystal Mini eGo Starter Kit  is a good example of similar technology to the above G Pen. Because the battery on this e cigarette is smaller, it doesn’t last as long. It is also equally powerful to the above G Pen. Because of it’s universal eGo threading, parts can be easily replaced. The clearomizer in this kit is the ultimate tank/heating element combination. The kit includes a USB charger, a battery, a clearomizer, two replacement wicks, and a lanyard.

Dragonfly eCigs is currently selling the Crystal Mini eGo Starter Kit for $32.95.



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  1. Racheal March 9, 2013 5:24 am #

    I’ve been Cigarette free for over 6 months. I’ve saved over $800, and feel so much better. The investment in ECIGS is well worth it

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