Don’t Let E Cigarette Prices Fool You.

There is no correlation between the price and quality of e cigarette hardware.

The Most expensive e cig I’ve ever bought was the worst one I’ve ever vaped.

E cigarette technology varies greatly; the price you pay for an e cigarette has nothing to do with the quality of technology. All e cigarettes consist of 4 components: A battery, heating element, and a tank or cartridge. The quality of each component is determined by its durability, ease of use, versatility, and performance. Price is largely determined by whatever the retailer feels like charging. This is because e cigarette technology is relatively new, and vapers are often experimenting, lack knowledge, and therefore,  lack sensitivity to price.

The aim of this review is to educate the new and old vaping community in e cigarette quality, and the marketing strategies e cigarette retailers are using against their customers.



I have to admit – Some of the best advice I ever received when entering the vaping community, was: ” You can’t buy the cheap stuff, you have to spend some money.

That was good advice because I had to experiment, and not with cheap stuff. I wanted quality.  I wanted to quit smoking. My experience with e cigarettes predates that advice.

eGo 510 Starter Kit E cigarette

The kit that enabled my love for e cigarettes.

The first e cigarette I bought was in a mall in Tampa, Florida. ::Holds up Serus 3 E Cigarette::  I bought this because I wanted to quit, and I knew I had a flight back home to Baltimore. I hated how I couldn’t smoke in airports.  So I bought this thinking it would curb my craving. It really just made me sick. I used it for 3 days before I went back to cigarettes. Since then, I have a distaste for these real looking cigarettes. My advice with these kinds of e cigs, aside from spending $200+  on them, is get the strongest cartridges they make. I used to go back and forth between full flavors and lights, and the medium cartridges did absolutely nothing for me. Really… The most expensive e cig I ever bought was the worst I ever vaped.

eGo K Starter Kit Cheap E Cigarette Low Price

Adequate starter kit for less than $30.00

About 3 months later I was re-exposed to e cigarettes when a friend told me she loved her e cig, and proceeded to give me the advice I mentioned earlier.  She spoke of quality, customizable e cigarettes with various kinds of flavored juices. The night after speaking with her I ordered this: Joye Tech eGo 510 ultimate starter kit, which is currently on sale for about $70, and an extra pack of five atomizers witch cost about $25 , and five extra cartridges that cost about $10. For a total of $135 plus shipping I got this ::Clips of starter kit, atomizers, cartridges and juice:: I was set with this whole kit of gear, extras and different kinds of juices.

Since then I’ve been vaping and experimenting. I’ve spent over 100 dollars on a single quality battery, and 30 dollars on a single cartomizer tank.  I still use them. I’ve probably spent over $750 in gear alone. But, I usually vape between two of these $20 eGo k batteries and five of these  $5 V2 and CE4 Clearomizers. You can see I get ample vapor production. I get a good throat hit, but not the kind that scratches or irritates my throat. So all day, I would be well-suited with about $65 in gear including the charger.


~Dave (R & D at Vape Healthy) 6+ months without cigarettes.

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