Mixing e liquids is an art. And, we often arrive at the best e liquids through mixology.

…In other words, you don’t have to be a chef to get the best e liquid mixture.


For some, the e-cig is all about convenience. The disposable electronic cigarette is a perfect fit.

For others, convenience is second to the flexibility and creativity in creating their own blends of e liquid.  There’s a world of variety out there, with eliquids from suppliers ranging from smaller quantity premium product suppliers to quantity/volume suppliers

For that matter, there’s no reason you couldn’t end up with an e-liquid flavor that’s uniquely yours.  Lets’ say you find a tobacco flavor that’s nearly perfect to your taste, but is, say, just a tad-bit dry.  By adding a few drops of one of the fruit flavors, (apple is great for this) you eliminate the dryness and wind up with a now perfect blend for your taste.

Or let’s say you you’ve found the perfect rootbeer-flavored e liquid. Add a touch of vanilla, and you have a rootbeer float.  OR let’s say you’ve found the perfect peach, so perfect you can almost taste the fuzz on it.  Add a little jamaican rum, & you’ve got…a peach flip.  The possibilities are endless.

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