Vaping to quit smoking

So is vaping a good way to quit smoking cigarettes?  

Simply put, if it weren’t, then there’d be no market for e cigarettes.  

Beyond that, we have plenty of first-hand evidence that it is.  See our piece on Cigarette Replacement for some details on how to maximize your probability of success.

Meantime, if you’re a long-time smoker, then you’ve already established some lifestyle patterns that you’re perfectly free to continue, but with the new technology. Certainly you can reach for the ecig whenever you might otherwise reach for the cigs.

For example, if you’re a longtime smoker of menthol cigarettes, then it makes perfect sense that you start your search for the right e liquid by trying some of the many fine menthol blends. If you’ve always craved that first cigarette after a meal while dining out, then the ecig can step in to adopt that role…With one exception: You may not have to leave the restaurant before lighting up

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