E Cigs for Beginners

Are you an E Cigarette Beginner? You’re in the right place. This website reviews and reports on the entire spectrum of quality E cigarettes for beginners.


E cigarettes are not only a healthy alternative to smoking; they have become quite popular amongst non-smokers. With a continuum of delicious mixable flavors, and variety of low to high tech devices, a community of e cigarette enthusiasts has developed from a coalescence of technological hobbyists, health aficionados,┬ádesperately┬áheavy smokers, and trend setters. We want to inform e cigarette beginners, because quality and price are more crucial to an e cigarette beginner’s success than to those of us who have done the research. As we’ve stated before, “The best e cigarettes aren’t the most expensive, so make sure you get your moneys worth.”

E Cigarette Beginners Beware: The world of e cigarettes is vast; devices and juices vary widely.

That said, it’s easy for beginners to get lost. Our focus is to make the process of determining the right products for you as cost-efficient as possible. Our reviews are honest and aimed at educating potential and current “vapers.”

Typically when people think ‘e cigarettes’ they think an electronic replica of a real cigarette with a glowing LED as the ‘cherry’. So most beginners choose the most expensive e cigarettes that look closest to the real thing. Unfortunately, most of these are terrible; they don’t satisfy nicotine cravings and feel just as unhealthy as the real things. Moreover, they’re almost as expensive as the real things.

We all start somewhere. Most of us will tell you we started with JoyeTech 510 starter kits. JoyeTech is a solid manufacturer, and the 510′s produce ample vapor, are rechargeable, inexpensive ($49.95), and maintain the shape, feel and weight of a real cigarette. We recommend that you buy an extra 510 atomizer or two, and some e Juice as well.

If you want to go a step further and don’t mind having a bigger e cigarette, any eGo starter kit is recommended (The one we linked to is the best value at ($28.95).We advise you buy one or two extra clearomizers and some e Juice too.

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